I’ve gone through coaching programs & paid thousands of dollars & felt that it did absolutely nothing for me. While working with Anne Marie, I’m shifting in the most amazing, incredible ways & I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her.
— Jennifer O'Neill

Coaching with me is for you if:

* You're ready to commit to expanding your consciousness and you're looking for guidance, support, and accountability to help you get clear on your goals and achieve them aligned from a higher energy.

* You want to better understand and heal the beliefs and patterns that hold you back from taking the bold steps required to fully live your soul's purpose.

* You prefer intensive assistance, motivation, encouragement, and guidance to stay on track with your goals.

* You want a coach who knows that healing and moving forward is much deeper than just "positive thinking".

All packages include:

* Introductory 75 minute deep dive session where we'll identify long term goals and which areas of your life you need help in (finances, relationships, career, food/body image) Can be more than one or all four.

*A Course in Miracles mantras and lessons to accelerate your growth (optional)

* Meditation Instruction (optional)

* Weekly or biweekly 60 minute sessions

* Summary of weekly session and goals emailed to you after each session

* Ongoing unlimited email support when you purchase a package


Package Options

1) Single session - $175 - Purchase here

2) Six session package (used weekly or bi-weekly) - $945 (10% discount) - Purchase here

3) Twelve session package (used weekly or bi-weekly) - $1,785 (15 % discount) - Purchase here


Once you've purchased your sessions, you may book your sessions through my calendar by going here.